Sunday, March 19, 2017


This quilt was dreamt up and created by Pip, age 5.  She did have a bit of help from her mom to get this done.

I (Kim) have to admit I strongly encouraged both the girls – Capri and Pip (Cedi was at a sleepover).  I encouraged them to make an hour glass coaster and showed them how … they each came up with their own idea (LOVE that!).


Pip and Capri talked together and brainstormed.  Capri just told me that she wanted to do “split time” but Capri wasn’t sure how that would work … so Pip came up with an image of a girl saluting at the end of their beam routine. IMG_5553

Pip picked out all of her fabrics but I did help her come up with a way to make this happen!  I love using ThermOWeb’s Heat N Bond EZ Print Lite for doing shapes that are hard to draw by hand.  You just have to find an image online, blow it up to the full size of the 8.5” x 11” sheet of fusible (or smaller) and print it out.  Then, loosely cut around the shape and fuse it to the fabric you chose.  Once it’s fused, you carefully cut the shape out and it looks like you’re amazingly talented!

As Pip was deciding where to put the girl on her fabric she noticed that it was possible to match up the patterns in the fabric!  I personally think that’s the coolest thing about this piece!

mom and pip quilting

All of my girls are able to use one of my older machines without help … but Capri needed it to finish her project.  So – I set Pip on my lap and monitored while she worked on the quilting on my Bernina.  (I did help with guiding along the edge of the fused girl to make sure she didn’t fall off).  Pip did all of the overall quilting herself.

Words from Pip, “My favorite part about my final project is that it is actually really, really cool.”

(I put the binding on … Pip is going to give this quilt to one of her dolls!)


  1. It is really cool! Good job, Pip!

  2. Beautiful and brilliant and I love that she is giving it to her doll!

  3. Love how you lined up the fabrics

  4. So proud of you, Pip. Especially proud that you had your own idea, just like your Mom and your Gramma would. You are the artist and you did a fabulous job!!!

  5. It IS really cool. I love all the details and BRAVO for quitting it too!

  6. Looks fabulous! Great job Pip!!

  7. this is SO COOL! Great idea!